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 Eric & Cheryl Hansen 

Eric & Cheryl Hansen– Glass Blowing

Manipulating molten glass has always been a fun and challenging part of my life. I learned the basics from my parents at their glassblowing shop in California. I made thousands of figurines as a teenager, but my strong commitment to create art glass began in 1994. Working closely with my uncle Robert Hansen, a fine paperweight maker in the 1950's, I inherited closely held techniques to create collectable paperweights. I also learned from him the challenging process of creating iridescent glass. In 1996, I opened my furnace shop and gallery in the historic district of Grapevine, Texas. There, I laid the groundwork for my decorative style which exists today. I believe my torchworking, paperweight and self-taught furnace backgrounds combine to offer a very unique body of work. In 2002, I constructed Laughing Glass Art Studio at my home in Argyle, Texas. I enjoy being available to my family while creating and working in the shop. My wonderful wife, Cheryl, though she is new to working hot glass, has been a great inspiration and has already become an essential part of the process.

To see more of Eric & Cheryl's work at

Laughing Glass Art Studio
( Glass Blowing )
1099 Cedar Creek Road
Argyle, TX 76226


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