Doug Oliver

Fine Wood Carvings & Sculpture
Studio #15

“Every block of stone/wood/clay has a statue or relief carving inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it” I think about this quote from Michelangelo before I start any work.

As a wood and clay sculptor, I look for inspiration all around me, it is everywhere when you become aware. Nature, art, people and love all influence my work. What I try to capture most in my sculptures is movement and light. These elusive qualities can transform a figure or a relief in just a matter of moments. I strive to convey that sense of place by capturing its fleeting magic.

To bring life to a relief or dynamic three-dimensional forms remain exciting and fresh to me. One of my recent works, in particular, references the expressive quality of wind through drapery and the chaotic beauty of fluid/flow dynamics.My work may be found in private collections, as well as in the collection of several churchesin the United States.
I am blessed to live and work in Flower Mound, Texas with my wife Dena, where we share our space with our Labrador (Amber) and cat (Bo) now that our children are grown.

I work predominantly in the medium of sculpture, (wood and clay) but also sketch with graphite, charcoal and pen and ink. My work reflects the things I love: ancient culture, ornament, design, Europe (Germany, Italy, UK and Scandinavia) in particular. I was fortunate to study under Bavarian master wood and stone sculptor Ludwig Kieinger for over 10 years and I credit him for sparking my love of sculpting and European art. Exploring art in different mediums is a task that never gets old and is always a challenge.

3420 Dowland Drive,

Flower Mound, Texas

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