Kathleen House

Studio #13

Kathleen House was born in Ponca City, OK, raised from age 5 to 17 in the small rural town of Anthony, KS, where she found the love of her life, Tim. The two attended college together and started an amazing life of love, learning and adventure. After raising two beautiful, loving daughters, and fulfilling dreams of education, business success, and family fun, it seemed life could not get much better.

Completing a B.S. in Art Education from Kansas State University, then her M.A. in Art Education at Texas Women’s University, she felt she had accomplished all she had set out to do… have a loving family, life long friends, be an art educator, own her own art business, work in the studio and enjoy grandchildren.

Working again as a visual artist now is her way of looking back at her life. Her current series is titled “Visual Peace”, and was inspired by life as she sees it. Observing nature, watching her grandchildren move on with their lives, and keeping her daily life in order are a few of the things that give her visual peace. The series includes many small canvas paintings as well as a written journal that describes her thoughts and visions. “Is there anything better when you feel stressed or overwhelmed than to look to the blue sky with white floating clouds?”!

Kathleen House

240 McMakin Rd
Double Oak