Lorraine Hayes

Water, Mixed Media & Print Making
Studio #11

My art covers a wide range of realism and abstraction. My images originate from my travels and in my home environment. I often work from photographs but do not strive merely to reproduce them.  Rather I attempt to distill from the scene the elements that attracted me to record them.   I like to change the composition as needed to make it more interesting as a painting.    I employ shape, color, and texture, including collage, to produce a rich surface that attracts the eye and produces the forbidden urge to touch.  My favorite medium is watercolor because of its luminosity but I often combine it with acrylic thinned to a pouring consistency, and a variety of rice papers as well as sand for textural effects.

The dual purpose of my art is to appeal to the eye and simultaneously to stimulate the mind.  I want the viewer to share my passion for nature and the environment and to share with them the awe and wonder that I see in the world around us.

Lorraine Hayes

750 Greenway Court
Highland Village

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