Marsha Byus

Fused Glass
Premier Gallery
Studio #9

As a kiln glass artist, the contrast of black and white intrigues me. I also like to use a multitude of color. I love modern and contemporary design; I create this feel by using geometric and linear shapes. Many of my ideas and inspiration come to me in dreams, typically in black and white. I bring these ideas to life by adding either a hint of color or recreating in a contrasting color pallet.

Art, in all forms, enchants me. I have experimented with various mediums, from drawing and painting to metal smithing and pottery. Over the past 15 years, my love for kiln-formed glass has grown into my passion. I started by fusing small pieces to incorporate into my jewelry. Slowly, those small pieces turned into larger pieces, which eventually evolved into the pieces I make today.

*Exhibiting and demo at the Premier Gallery
6100 Long Prairie Rd., Suite 800, Flower Mound

Studio Address:
1681 Justin Road, Suite 200,
Flower Mound