Carolyn Tinner

Studio #9

Carolyn Tinner, a native Texan, has called Flower Mound home for the last 28 years.

Two passions run strong in her life – gardening and clay. “When I first became a Denton County master gardener, I lusted over every new plant I saw and wanted them all. “

Later, after being introduced to clay, she became just as hooked. “It is a medium I will play in for the rest of my life. I love the way forms can be simple as well as interesting sculptures in my hand. I love to find new tools to work with, try all the latest commercial glazes with those beautiful colors and experiment making my own glazes as well. The learning process will never be over.”

“Naturally, for me, the two passions have come together. Making pots and planting them with fun looking succulent plants turns out to be something I am good at. I am also working on pieces that will give color to gardens when the blooming stages of flowers are gone. Just thinking about what I can do with clay, makes me feel so alive.”


3201 Ridgecrest Dr.

Flower Mound