Doris Aguirre

Abstract Painting

“I hope you will be able to tell my passion for everything nature and flowy patterns via my paintings”

Working predominantly with Acrylics on Canvas and Wood, Doris Aguirre/Artist has been able to contribute to her take on themes regarding Abstract Landscapes, Fluid Art and Embellished Paint Pouring through her ongoing practice. Aguirre who was born in Tegucipalpa, Honduras and resides in the picturesque town of Flower Mound Texas, takes influences from Georgia O’Keefe’s large blooms, Jackson Pollock’s free style and Rinske Douna’s flowy and gentle strokes, applying her particular mix of these styles to create harmony, flow and a peaceful feeling to her own unique style which she calls Fluid Art Realism. Mostly known for fluid art mixed with brush embellishments, Aguirre has exhibited in various community markets and her digital art photography has also been featured in various photography groups. Aguirre is both a photographer and painter but has focused more on her painting in the last several years.

My love for painting stems from my love for nature, landscapes, abstracts and everything flowy thus my unique style which I call Fluid Art Realism incorporating paint pouring with brushstroke details. I am awed by sunsets, sunrises, oceans and vast landscapes but I also like close ups thus my reason for incorporating large blooms where I can capture a bit more of the texture and color. I get my inspiration from artists such as Georgia O’Keefe and her closeup blooms, Jackson Pollock and his free drip style and Rinske Douna with her beautiful flow and gentle style. Once in a while I might surprise you with pure abstracts incorporating lines, patterns and florals all in the same painting. I hope you will be able to tell my passion for everything nature and flowy patterns via my paintings. My motivation when I paint is to bring a smile to your face as you follow the patterns, colors and flow. They should create a feeling of joy and peace while also causing a curiosity as to the few embellished hand strokes that are usually incorporated.