Hassan Mehmood

Fluid Acrylic Painting

Hassan Mehmood is a 7th grader and professional artist that isn’t hard to understand when you find out that his parents own Hawaii Fluid Art in Flower Mound, TX. There he learned and perfected the art of Fluid Acrylic Art and has produced some amazing work. He has been interested in art from an early age, when he started doing fun crafts in pre-school with his teacher, Ms. Inga.

While in elementary school, some of his art was chosen to be on display at the Grand Theater in Lewisville. Hassan fell in love with fluid art when his parents took him to a local studio for a class. He now enjoys creating fluid art paintings at the Hawaii Fluid Art studio in Flower Mound, where you can see many of his pieces on display and where you can sometimes find him teaching other students this
unique artform.