Marisa Jean

Painting & Drawing

I’ve been many types of “Artist”

I always painted, crafted, and designed throughout my life. Eventually, I decided to major in Videogame Design and Development and became a 3D Character Sculptor for games and movies.

Years later, traditional art grew in appeal. Nothing compares to a piece of artwork you can hold and feel.

Each brushstroke is completely unique, and those unique gestures create one-of-a-kind artwork.

Now, my work extends its focus to whatever interest appeals to me. From sociopolitical topics to capturing the beauty of nature. I particularly find joy in helping my clients conceptualize artwork that enhances and completes their homes.

Painting customized art is like problem-solving with a paint brush.

Helping others bring their ideas to fruition is what motivates me as an artist! I create original paintings that cannot be duplicated.
Each painting is unique with layers of deep textures and blooming color.