Toni Wesner

Texas Artist

Toni Wesner is a figurative and abstract artist, whose mixed media paintings portray imagery that she is spiritually moved to create, connecting them with the One who gives her life, inspiration and hope. Toni’s work is deeply layered with color, collage, scripture, scribbled words of worship and prayer, broken lines and symbols with a spiritual narrative.

“Creativity has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I spent hours coloring and cutting out colorful images in department store catalogs as a child, which progressed into a love for the arts. Once in school, I excelled in assignments that involved creative expression. I love nature and enjoyed long walks on the land surrounding our home and began to draw and take photos with a camera received for my birthday. In my early teens, I discovered fashion magazines and a whole new creative world opened up to me. I loved the images, the stories they conveyed, the design and color. I moved to Dallas shortly after high school to pursue a Fine Arts degree at Texas A & M University in Commerce, Texas and Fashion Design at Wade College.

To support myself I worked in cosmetic sales as a make- up artist. I also worked as a Concierge at a large convention hotel to make ends meet which eventually led to a tenant relations/event planning position in the Commercial Real Estate industry. This career involved many creative projects over the next 25 years and the dream of creating art on a full-time basis was set aside for some day.
I married and started a family and my relationship with God grew as the years passed…many ups and downs along the way but the dream never died.

God continued what He started in my creative development nonetheless and in 2017, through a series of encounters with the Holy Spirit, I was called to paint His word.
I immediately began to pursue art studies through travel to intensive workshops, a life changing artisan conference, many online classes. I picked up right where I left off with the nature walks and photography…which greatly influences my work! I reside in Texas with my husband and share my sunny studio with my furry feline friend Noah.

Creating art is a dream come true for me…an act of worship, connection with the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that each piece inspires you and draws you into a deeper friendship with our Creator.

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