Eilene Carver

Painting & Drawing
Studio #4

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. “ -Aristotle

As a painter I primarily express myself through still-lifes. The personal effects of our ‘domestic landscapes’ often establish connections to time, place and experience that can be uniquely personal and oddly universal at the same time. An intimate iconography has evolved from objects that have imprinted me. They form the visual vocabulary for narrative in my work; providing an approachable means to symbolically express observations of human nature and society.

In my latest series ‘shadows’ I have an increased interest in the interpretation of shadows. Determining ‘the shadow’ become a contextual focus beyond a mere element in the technical study of light and color. Shadows reveal, mimic, loom over, shelter, confuse and deceive. Depicting them in their own duplicity allows an additional layer of mystery to the meaning of each piece. Ultimately, I desire that my work resonates aesthetically and ultimately results in reflection for those who intuit a message.


I currently teach Drawing and Painting at Collin College where I have received the Vision Award and Outstanding Associate Professor. I have previously taught at Napa Valley College & the Richmond Art Center in California, in addition to conducting visiting artist workshops in Thailand & Russia.


A. Eilene Carver
3530 High Road
Flower Mound
(214) 293-8659
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I was raised in South Texas. I earned a BFA in Communication Design with a concentration in Prints from Baylor University and an MFA in Painting from UC Berkeley. I primarily work in oils, but often includes collage, pastel and charcoal. My work has received awards and been included in regional & national exhibitions since 1986, including such venues as The Women’s Museum of Dallas, Laguna Gloria Museum in Austin, Berkeley Arts Center, San Antonio Museum of Art, and the San Francisco MOMA, Artist’s Gallery. My work is in numerous private collections throughout the United States.

I love the interaction with students; encouraging their creative process through the development of techniques & self-expression. I never bore of exploring the Hill Country & days in the studio with her three dogs.