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2019 Tour Map

PortfolioStudio#CategoryTour AddressPhone NumberE-mailWebsite
Ann CaHill
Painting920 E Hickory Hill Rd

Argyle, TX 76226
(972) 467-1586

Bowman, Alton
Furniture Master Craftsman
1Wood Furniture6524 Orchard Drive, Flower Mound(817) 266-7880
Bowman, Ariel
Ceramics, Clay & Sculpture
1Ceramics, Clay & Sculpture6524 Orchard Drive, Flower Mound(817) 266-6976
Bowman, Sweety
Clay & Bronze
1Sculpture, Bronze Sculpture6524 Orchard Drive, Flower Mound(817) 266-0780karmien@gmail.comYarmouth Studio
Carver, Eilene
Painting & Drawing
4Painting, Drawing3530 High Road, Flower Mound(214) 293-8659 eilenecarver@outlook.comA. Eilene Carver
Chidsey, Linda
Raku Pottery, Sculpture, Jewelry
5Jewelry, Clay, Sculpture225 Rockland Drive, Highland Village(214) 783-5193LindaChidsey@LindaChidsey.comwww.lindachidsey.com
Clark, Mark
Found Objects Musical Instruments
6Musical Instruments2304 Timber Meadow Drive, Flower Mound(214) 995-5502info@meloddities.comwww.meloddities.com
Corwin, Valerie
2Portrait & Landscape Painter4709 Hampshire Dr, Flower Mound(469) 955-9558information@valeriecorwin.com
Dalal, Avli
3Painting4709 Christopher Court, Flower Mound(469) 556-9252avli@artwithavli.comartwithavli.com
Drew, Colleen G.
Photographic Artist
7Photography2631 Bierstadt, Highland Village(214) 529-8285colleen@cgdrew.comwww.cgdrew.com
Fagan, Daren
Steel Sculptor
8Sculpture126 Scenic Drive, Highland Village(214) 808-3980dfsculptures12@verizon.netD Fagen Sculptures - Facebook
Ferraro, Sue
Painting/Acrylic Pours
9Painting/Acrylic Pours 6100 Long Prairie Rd., Suite 800, Flower Mound(214) 673-6501Sferraro236@gmail.comwww.sueferrarodesign.com
Floyd, Ellen
Fiber Artist
10Fiber Artist6504 Orchard Dr., Flower Mound(214) 808-6454nanaspacas@yahoo.comNana’s Pacas
Hicks, Dianne
Watercolor, Collage, Bookbinding
12Printmaking / Bookbinding1331 Edmonton, Dr., Lewisville(972) 219-2405diannehicksart@verizon.netwww.diannehicksart.com
House, Kathleen
13Painting240 McMakin Rd, Double Oak(817) 917-2787kathleenhouse2787@gmail.com
Jacquet, Sunny
18Painting100 Kyle Ct, Double Oak(972) 899-1058sunnydayj@hotmail.comwww.sunnyj-art.com
Joan Stevenson
Painting6900 Red Bud Dr
Flower TX 75022
(817) 875-8872
Kaplinskys, MattPainting8400 Linden St, Lantana TX 76226(214) 543-4796matt@modernmatt.commodernmatt.com
Klotz, Marie
14Jewelry, Pottery748 Chinn Chapel Rd., Copper Canyon(972) 467-6215Marieklotz217@gmail.com
Lawrence, Nancy
19Painting3105 Brookhollow Lane, Flower Mound(214) 663-1105nancy@nancychlawrencestudio.comwww.nancychlawrencestudio.com
Murray, Irma
20Painting & Drawing841 Pinnacle Circle, Lewisville(989) 708-7016kathleenhouse2787@gmail.comwww.irmamurrayart.com
Robbins, Anita
9Sculpture/Painting 6100 Long Prairie Rd., Suite 800, Flower Mound(214) 285-0084autography@gmail.com
Rubin, Joel
22Wood3325 Jameston Drive, Flower Mound(972) 571-8305jh.rubin@verizon.net
TInner, Carolyn
17Clay/Ceramics3201 Ridgecrest Dr., Flower Mound(817) 430-0689ctinner@aol.com